Who am I?

Hi! I am Dr. MJ Ong, The Babywearing Health Coach. I am an accredited exercise scientist with Exercise & Sport Science Australia and pregnancy & postpartum health & fitness coach. I am the founder of Active Mama Tribe WA and my aim is to help mums-to-be and new mums be active and healthy on your own terms.

My approach to health & fitness is keeping things simple so that it can become a consistent habit, finding opportunities to move our body and practicing simple healthy eating habits. I have trained over 20 pregnant women through my research and published several research articles on pregnancy & exercise. Prior to my PhD, I was a personal trainer and group fitness leader for over five years.

Since becoming a mother, health & fitness has a new meaning. On top of feeling good about myself & body, it is now also about being their role model and having abundant energy so that I can do things with my children. Training for function is what I aim for, to be able to lift and swing my children around, pick up bags and bags of shopping and loading up the car boot with prams and STUFF without hurting my back.

All the little things we do every day as a mum, we can do alittle easier when we are physically and mentally conditioned, that is my belief.