Active Healthy Mums | Active Healthy Kids

Ever feel like you can't get exercise done because you have kids?

I have created an environment for us to exercise around our kids. All you need to do is show up and give it a good go!

Pregnancy Fitness

Be personally trained in the comfort of a home-studio by an experienced health & fitness coach who has trained over 20 pregnant women, including herself in WA. Enquires welcomed, just call the number above.

Mums Group Fitness

Be functionally fit for motherhood. Strengthen the muscles used to lifting children, carrying shopping and playing! Improve your aerobic fitness at the same time. Children always welcomed! Book your fitness session today!

Flex & Flow

Flexibilty, like strength, can be trained and improved. Give yourself some time each weeks to breathe deeply and lengthen your tensed up muscles and increase mobility in your spine. Feel tall and strong, book a Flex & Flow class today!